e-Filing Instructions (First Appellate District)

Use this only for e-Filing the following briefs
  • Appellant's brief pursuant to People v. Wende (1979) 25 Cal.3d 436
  • Appellant's brief pursuant to Conservatorship of Ben C. (2007) 40 Cal.4th 529
  • Appellant's brief pursuant to In re Phoenix H. (2009) 47 Cal.4th 835

All Civil e-Filings must use TrueFiling

Name your document using the naming convention below. Please no spaces and no periods:


For example:

Abbreviations that are to be used for naming your documents:

  • Application for Extension of Time - REX
  • Notice of Change of Address - CHA
  • Substitution of Attorney - SUB
  • Association of Attorney - ASN
  • Request for Oral Argument - ROA
  • Service Copy of Omissions Letter - LRC
  • People v. Wende Brief - WBF
  • In re Phoenix H. Brief - PBF
  • Conservatorship of Ben C. Brief - BBF

Documents must be:

  • A single, text-searchable PDF file. Please note that scanned images are NOT text-searchable.
  • Unlocked (i.e., no passwords or saving as a PDF/A)
  • No more than 5 MB in size
  • An exact duplicate of the paper copy.

Working with PDFs

See also Cal. Rules of Court, rules 8.70 to 8.79

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